About Us

Best Buy is a huge consumer electronics store selling a vast array of electronic products. The first store opened 
back in 1966 in Minnesota and since then the chain has grown to become one of the largest and best known retailers 
in the industry. Interestingly, that first store was actually not strictly a 'Best Buy' but was rather a music 
hardware store called 'Sound of Music'. Now there are more than 1,400 Best Buy stores across the US and a whopping 
180,000 employees.
This huge workforce also helps the company to maintain its reputation for great customer service. Famously, Best Buy 
is home to the ‘Geek Squad’ who are a team of IT and electronics experts, trained to help customers with any 
problems they may be experiencing with their tech. Best Buy has also made another contribution to modern culture 
with the Black Friday campout. Every year, large numbers of shoppers flood to the stores and camp outside. The 
website also sees a huge amount of traffic at this time – with the site often being among the three most visited 
during the period.
Among the many products they stock, Best Buys sells computers, car appliances, games consoles, household appliances, 
tablets, smartphones, televisions, stereo equipment, office hardware, supplies and more. In keeping with its musical 
beginnings, you can still also find a range of instruments, albums and amps.